What's really holding you back? Is "fear of failure" the biggest

What's really holding you back? Is

What's really holding you back? Is "fear of failure" the biggest reason most people won't push themselves to their true capabilities? Lets challenge that! You know... you hear the same lines from everyone everywhere. - "What will people say if I fail" or the postive but still cliche repetitive lines like "learn to love failure" - "failure is just feedback." I think people just like copying whats popular to say instead of thinking for themselves. I mean how many different ways have we heard this, and still... most people won't fkn do it. Whatever "it" is that needs to be done in your life or career. The TRUTH!!! (Finally Jason... what are you getting at!) Relax people - You were just gonna scroll through a bunch of BS on IG anyway... I have come to believe that most people know that they are capable of more, much more! And most people have come to accept that everything in life comes with a little failure... all the way back to learning how to walk. So what holds most people back? The work! Yup. Consistent work, practice, commitment, and drive. Admit it! Reaching a level of greatness in whatever you do or want takes tons of consistency and effort. And then, once you achieve it, you'll be expected to maintain it and that puts pressure on you before you even begin sometimes. How do you deal with this? You just freakin accept it! Accept the fact that to become great, respected for greatness, and receive the freedom and benefits of greatness you will have to normalize these qualities consistently. You live in a world of overwhelming mediocrity so your perception of achieving greatness on a consistent level is going to be distorted by the world around you and doubt. Accept that too! Make your own damn decisions and form your own standards. Decide

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